Online Training

ONLINE training

SS Technologies is amongst the leading online training institutions that impart knowledge on  various subjects like C, C++, Java, Oracle, SAP, Hadoop, PHP and many more.

Online trainings or ‘virtual classes’ are becoming increasingly popular, especially among those who desire to learn despite of time and distance barriers. Online training is a solution those who cannot make time to attend conventional ‘brick and mortar’ classes. There can be two kinds of virtual sessions, ‘one-to-one’ or ‘one-to –many’ though both ways are effective and helpful for students to gain understanding on any particular subject, ‘one-to-one’ sessions goes an extra edge.

Online training is also beneficial as it allows attendees to participate in class from the comfort of their home.

Classroom Training

Specialized in localized classes to enable students attend the lectures through an interactive session.

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Online Training

We provide Online Training in two flavors of virtual sessions, 'one-to-one' or 'one-to–many' delivery models.

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Corporate Training

Today's Corporate success is technically enabled employees. We help you achieve effective and well-executed training programs.

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We brining the latest certifications that is in demand in the industry. We assist in certification courses on ISTQB, ITIL, IEEE

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Best IT Training in Hyderabad

Our training reflects the latest technologies, techniques, and processes that are developed from practical knowledge gathered from years of experience. Learn Software Testing, QTP, Selenium, Dot Net, Java, SAP, Network Protocol, Linux, SEO, Android Courses.

Weekend IT Training

Since 2011, we have been taking weekend classes. Most of our classes happen on weekends only. It is because 100% of our trainers are working professionals. The advantage of learning from working professionals is that the students will learn practical aspects of the subject.

This section we can provide for any ongoing offers!!!.