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ACADEMIC PROJECTS : SS TECHNOLOGIES, one of the leaders in providing services to students across the globe gives a great opportunity for them to do their academic projects in IT. Students are offered Application and IEEE projects under the guidance of expert panel of members.

SS TECHNOLOGIES provides real time and academic projects with source codes for all type of customers. We offer Windows and Linux based Academic Projects for IT Students, as part of their MCA, BE, B Tech, BCA, M. Sc and B. Sc ( Computer Science, IT)courses. Students can discover the project concepts and our team helps students to learn, develop, deploy and present this as projects. These projects will give an excellent exposure to cutting edge technologies. Our team has helped lot of students to successfully submit academic projects and there by adding more values to their resumes. We have a variety of engineering projects in multiple domains, including: .NET projects, ASP.NET with C# projects ASP.NET with VB project, Java Based Projects, Android Projects and PHP projects.



Sl No Title of the Project
1 Ratio Analysis finance
2 Derivatives finance
3 A Study On Equity Analysis For Banking Sector finance
4 Working Capital Management finance
5 Fixed Asset Management finance
6 A Study On Risk & Return Analysis Of Portfolio Management finance
7 A Study On Equity Analysis finance
8 Finance Performance At With Mutual Funds finance
9 Capital Budgeting finance
10 Derivatives Future And Options finance
11 Inventory Management finance
12 Portfolio Management Using Markowitz Theory finance
13 Analysis Of Investment Decision finance
14 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management finance
15 Online Trading finance
16 Cash Flow & Funds Flow Analysis finance
17 Management Of Fixed Assets finance
18 A Study On Analysis Of Banking Sector Mutual Funds finance
19 Portfolio Management
20 Financial Derivatives- Futures & Options finance
21 Intrinsic Value Of Futures & Options finance
22 Analysis Of Mutual Funds With Respect To Balanced Funds finance
23 A Study On Commodity Analysis finance
24 A Study On Tax Saving Instruments In Mutual Funds finance
25 Capital Market Reforms finance
26 A Study On Financial Risk Management finance
27 Mutual Funds finance
28 Personal Financial Planning For Investor finance
29 Performance Evaluation Of Mutual Funds finance
30 A Study On Security Analysis On Selected Industries finance
31 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management finance
32 Risk & Return Under Foreign Exchange finance
33 Fundamentals And Technical Analysis Of Banking And Sugar Sector finance
34 Finance Performance At With Credit Risk Management finance
35 Equity Analysis &Share Price Moment finance
36 Cash Management finance
37 Initial Public Offer finance
38 A Study On Awareness About Online Trading finance
39 Financial Risk Management finance
40 Financial Performance Analysis finance
41 Financial Statement Analysis finance
42 Online Trading For Commodities finance
43 A Study On Impact Of Foreign Direct Investment On Indian Stock Market finance
44 Technical Analysis In Derivatives finance
45 Equity Analysis For It Sector finance
46 Impact Of Index On Movement Of Equtiy Share Prices finance
47 Credit Risk Management finance
48 Comparative Equity Analysis Of It & Bank Stocks finance
49 Cash Flow Management finance
50 Importance Of FDI For Indian Retail Market finance
51 Equity Analysis And Share Price Movement finance
52 A Project Report On Dividend Decision finance
53 A Study On Security Analysis finance
54 Funds Flow Statement finance
55 Risk & Returns In Portfolio Management finance
56 A Study On Equity Valuation finance
57 Foreign Exchange finance
58 A Competitive Study On Volatility Of Pharma Sector Equities finance
59 Online Trading Clearing And Settlements finance
60 A Study On Comparison Of Unit Linked Insurance Policy & Mutual Funds finance
61 Capital Structure finance
62 Investment Banking finance
63 Online Trading In Capital Market finance
64 Derivatives As Risk Management Tools finance
65 Non Performing Assets finance
66 A Study On Commodities, Comparison Of Spot & Futures Market With Reference To Bullion Market finance
67 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management finance
68 Project Finance finance
69 A Study on Systematic Risk with respective to BSE finance
70 A Study on Equity Analysis & Decision making. finance
71 Comparative Study on Performance of Precious Metals & Base metal ETFs finance
72 A Study on Investement Performance in Mutual Finds finance
73 A Comaparative study on Equity Analysis of NIFTY Socks. finance
74 A Study on Equity Analysis in selected equities. finance
75 Comparative Study on Performance of International Real Estate Investment Trusts. finance
76 A Study on Proejct Financing. finance
77 Foreign direct investment in indian stock market finance
78 Impact of Foreign Institutional Investor on Indian Stock Market finance
79 A study on Analysis of Investment Decision from customer point of view finance
80 Investor Perception to wards Investment avenues finance
81 A Study On Employee Welfare Measures HRM
82 Study Of Motivation And Its Effect On Work HRM
83 Recruitment & Selection HRM
84 Performance Appraisal HRM
85 Study Of Investigation And Analysis Of Motivational Factors At Work HRM
86 Quality Of Work Life HRM
87 Job Satisfaction HRM
88 Training & Development HRM
89 Stress Management HRM
90 Effectiveness Of Organization Climate HRM
91 360 Degrees Performance Appraisal HRM
92 Study Of Impact Of Flipped Class Model Tray HRM
93 Work life Balance Of Private & Public Sector Employees HRM
94 Employee Relationship Management HRM
95 Streamlining-Recruitment Process HRM
96 HR Information Systems HRM
97 Social Media Network In Corporations HRM
98 A Study Of Effectiveness & Implementations Of HRIS HRM
99 Employee Participation In Management HRM
100 Effectiveness of Rward System on the Motivational level of employees HRM
101 A Study on human resouce planning (HRP) HRM
102 Study of motivation and its efffect on work HRM
103 Customer Relationship Management MARKETING
104 Brand Awareness MARKETING
105 Advertising Strategies MARKETING
106 Promotional Activities MARKETING
107 Customer Satisfaction MARKETING
108 Global Marketing MARKETING
109 Sales Force Management MARKETING
110 A Study On Customer Perception MARKETING
111 Market Analysis In Health Care Products MARKETING
112 A Study On Sales & Distribution MARKETING
113 Retail Store Operations MARKETING
114 Customer Buying Behaviour MARKETING
115 A Study On Consumer Behavior MARKETING
116 Consumer Durable Market For Samsung Electronics MARKETING
117 A Study On Strategies For Retailer's Brands MARKETING
118 Consumer Behavior
119 Dealers Perception MARKETING
119 New Product Development MARKETING
119 Unexplored Section In Education MARKETING
119 Brand Image MARKETING
119 Customer Satisfaction On Debit Card MARKETING
119 Customer Satisfaction On Retail Store MARKETING
119 A Study On Services Marketing MARKETING
119 Dealer Satisfaction MARKETING
119 Brand Loyalty MARKETING