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ITIL Foundation Course

Our foundation course covers core principles and processes of ITIL which is service lifecycle based. The course is designed around the principle that a strategy begins with the customer's desired outcomes. "Customers don't buy products; they buy the satisfaction of particular needs." This means that what the customer values is often different from what the service provider thinks he or she provides. Our ITIL foundation course aims to bridge the gap in customer desired outcomes and service provider offering to fulfill demands.

Our course addresses IT needs around recent developments such as outsourcing, globalization, open source and the web.

Our 2 Day ITIL Foundation Training gives you an introduction to the ITIL framework used by IT Service Management professionals worldwide. This is a 2 day classroom based ITIL training course culminating in a one hour multiple choice exam. Our ITIL course in Bangalore includes the following. 2 days of ITIL Foundation exam training in Bangalore

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ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library and is a collection of best practices in the area of technology infrastructure. ITIL is a recognized international standard for the IT service management profession. It contains established norms, methods, processes, and practices. ITL standards provide guidelines for managing IT services, creating IT service capabilities and enhancing IT service management.
The importance of IT services and IT infrastructure to an organization cannot be under estimated in the current business environment. The increasing acceptance of a process based approach to managing IT indicates that the application of appropriate knowledge, skills, processes, tools and techniques can have a significant impact on business success.
Our ITIL courses aim to improve the quality of the IT sector, IT users and IT professionals by means of quality education. Our education offering takes into account the linkage in strategic, tactical and operational functions within an organization. This makes it easy for participants to envisage a customized ICT service management methodology for their organization.
In addition to the above benefits, ITIL also addresses risks, resources and quality leading to a overall improvement in productivity and efficiency in the way IT is implemented
ITIL processes can be used in most IT environments and their usage has been proven to enhance the success of IT service management. In most organizations IT services are an ongoing effort with generally repetitive outputs. The goal of ITIL is to create an environment where existing IT procedures are efficient and optimized and aligned with the business.