About Us

About SS Technologies

SS Technologies is an IT training organization providing corporate trainings, online trainings as well as classroom trainings for professional software courses. Our aim is to provide a space to explore where you can acquire the skills and knowledge from our experts.

Our Mission

    To make accessible complex ERP technology and vital management skills
    To provide revolutionary e-learning solutions
    To build a globally collaborative social network to achieve performance excellence
    To coach excellence in technology, business, and people skills
    To excel in career mentoring

Mission VALUES



We build leaders in the ERP technology industry by training and mentoring individuals to facilitate all aspects of an organization’s integration of ERP technology. We provide practical guidance from industry experts, basing our training on real-world business use cases and the very technologies that industry experts implement in projects with high-tech companies on a daily basis. We continually assess student progress and focus instruction through quizzes, lab exercises, assigned presentation, and one-on-one interviews. Our methods are validated through our students’ certification achievement rate. Our success is demonstrated through our students’ professional experiences after completing our program.